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Our mission and the people behind it

PUSH UX unites professionals that aim to create compelling interactive experiences in the shape of products, apps, websites and installations, inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking.

During two amazing days, the established UX/UI scene merges with the potential and skill set of a new generation of creative coders and technologists. That way, we provide an inspiring platform for the interactive design field.

We proudly look back on




of successful conferences completed since our start in 2012, plus 7 years of UX design workshops. Check out the archives on Vimeo and Flickr for golden memories!




from Mozilla, BMW, Google, Bosch, The Guardian, Vimeo, Fjord, IDEO, Github, MESO, Art+Com and many others that presented on our stage so far.

More than



which joined over the years coming from all over Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and even from as far as Russia, the US, India and South Korea.

Our principles guide us

Professional exchange can be relaxed, and we integrate this principle everywhere. We strive to create an atmosphere where people don’t feel like they need an introduction to start a conversation.

We grow through feedback and that's why we reward it with great raffle prizes at the event. This way we can improve what’s great, push things forward every year and add new valuable initiatives.

Uncompromisingly excellent content for all attendees – including us – is our promise as curators who are designers ourselves. That’s why we go through 10 to 15 cycles of curation and review close to 200 speakers every year for their content and communication skills.

Our program on stage is 100% curated for content quality and narrative. The selection of speakers has always been strictly separate from our partner relations and speaker slots can never be bought, even though that means saying no to quite a few attractive offers. But we know it’s for the best.

If you see one of our sponsors speak, it’s because they submitted excellent content we think is useful for all attendees to the call for speakers and went through the same rigorous review process as our other awesome speakers we select or invite.

While some other events openly advertise to sell their attendees data for extra income, we don't believe in putting profit over trust. We respect the data of our attendees and will never hand over any personal details, including work email addresses, in return for any gain.

High quality and a reasonable price can go hand in hand, and we chose to go that way. Instead of setting our ticket fees at thousands of Euros, we manage our budget well and make the event accessible to more people. For example, turning the conference into an online event this year led to lower costs for us, and we choose to pass those savings on to our guests. The result: a 50% price reduction compared to 2019.

Users don’t differentiate between the digital experiences they encounter in their every day, be it booking a flight online, seeing a doctor via their smartphone or playing a VR game with their children. So as designers we need to be aware of the trends, best practices and standards that shape the expectations and knowledge of our users, even if we work in a very specialised environment ourselves. That’s why PUSH doesn’t limit itself to one industry or platform, but provides a full and broad exposure to whats important when designing outstanding interactive experiences and products. In addition, we use a range of formats from talks to hands-on workshops to let you breathe, talk and touch design.

Great things are made by great people

We're a team driven by design

Since our start in 2012, PUSH is made by designers for designers, not run by an events company as yet another event product to monetise on the growth of the UX field.

That means everybody behind the stage is personally passionate about the talks, the community and the experience—and we’re sure you’ll feel that at the event.

Keep reading to meet the wonderful people that work on PUSH full of passion

The core team 2021


Managing Director

As co-founder and managing director, Christian oversees all efforts – challenging every detail to make PUSH a successful venture and a great experience for the guests, the team and everybody involved.



Managing Director

Philipp leads the curatorial efforts for our 2021 edition and makes sure our internal operations run smoothly as managing director.



Curation and Event Lead

Henning directs the curation of our interactive sessions and manages the on-site experience as well as the event production.


Simon Harhues


Senior Contributor

Simon has been a regular key contributor at PUSH for many years. He supports its overall development and co-manages the event production and delivery on site.

With invaluable help from our awesome contributors


Community Ambassador

Francesca is an active local community lead, helps connect PUSH to the design scene in and beyond Munich and co-organises this year’s breakout sessions.


And special thanks to

Daniel G.

Strategy Consultant

Daniel is a digital strategy consultant based in Munich and does an amazing job supporting PUSH on content and marketing strategy as well as web implementation and optimization.




As co-founder on sabbatical, Thomas focuses on his growing happy family this year, while still sending a great speaker recommendation our way here and there.


Our event volunteers

Our event

Volunteer Team

Every year at the event, our team grows by another 20 volunteers. They are invaluable in setting everything up and are friendly faces to help you on site.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?
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