Design Feeling is the New Design Thinking

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Deep Dive Talk

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Technology is now with us from dawn to dusk. It’s increasingly an intimate companion, a go-between for our relationships, and a trusted friend helping us to develop new capabilities. Even so, it can be a struggle to live harmoniously with technology. So far, technology’s EQ hasn’t caught up to its IQ. Technology is aligned with productivity, not attuned to our inner world. More than designing machines that sense emotional signals, it’s about shaping technology that makes us feel more human.

Join Pamela to consider how we might design technology that is attuned to the emotional side of the experience.

About the Speaker

Pamela Pavliscak

Creative Strategist at Change Science

Pamela Pavliscak studies our emotional relationship with technology. As a creative strategist, she collaborates with organizations like Google, IKEA, and Virgin to craft emotionally intelligent experiences. As faculty at Pratt Institute, she teaches next-gen designers. Her work has been featured in Slate, NPR, and Quartz and she’s spoken at SXSW and TNW. Her book, Emotionally Intelligent Design, charts a tech future with feeling.

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23 Oct

Full Day Workshop

This workshop takes place the day before the conference and requires a separate ticket if you’d like to join.

Emotionally Intelligent Design

Emotional interactions with new technologies in our lives are about to go mainstream. The convergence of affective computing and AI promises to lead us into an era of emotionally intelligent machines. Will machines with a higher EQ help or harm? As future feeling designers, it will (partly) be on us to cultivate empathetic interactions, broaden our emotional range, and bridge cultural sensitivities.
In this fun and interactive session, you will create a portfolio-worthy emotional AI experience while you learn about emotion-centred design and how to apply next-generation research and design techniques for future-facing problems.

In this workshop you'll learn how to:

  • Tune in to emotion in your design research
  • Identify emotionally resonant patterns
  • Create more emotionally-cohesive journeys
  • Draw on relationship models to evolve the experience
  • Assess and adapt meaningful aspects of emotional experience
  • Introduce emotional AI into the design process

Workshop audience

This is a workshop for people of all skill levels and of all backgrounds. At the end of this learning session you’ll leave the day inspired to create — and ready for action.

Please note

This workshop takes place the day before the conference and requires a separate ticket if you’d like to join. You can register for this workshop using the ticketing form below.

What's included

You’ll participate in a full day workshop with a maximum of 20 participants, which gives you great exposure to the workshop trainer in an intimate setting. We will take you for lunch and provide refreshments throughout the day to keep you energised, all included in the workshop fee. Workshop materials like pencils, markers and paper will be supplied as well where needed.

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