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Team Cyborg /Anna Foltinek of Team Cyborg


Team Cyborg /Anna Foltinek

Cyborg-Centered Design

The boundary between human and technology blurrs. Cyborgisation is happening already. In the future we will merge with machines physically. A Cyborg is a human constantly enhanced by technology. Smart Implants offer new design potentials: The Internet of Cyborg and the human Body as a User Interface. How can we make it personal and humane, becomes part of our identity? How can we combine physical and digital world? How can we create the best possible correlation between human and machine? Cyborg-Centered Design gives an impulse for future questions.

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Saturday at 14:00

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About Team Cyborg

Team Cyborg is the project of three strategic designers. You can also meet all three of them in the exhibition.

Anna Foltinek
Anna is an interaction and strategic designer with a focus on concept development, experience, interface and motion design. Fascinated by thoughts about future developments in the field of cyborgisation, she believes that designers can be a driving force for a self-determined future. By bringing future scenarios into the present, design makes them accessible for everybody.
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Josephine Rais
Josephine is a product (BA) and strategic designer (MA). She sees design as a process of constantly observing, involving and questioning internal and external influences. Besides design thinking, Josephine believes that future thinking is an important method in the design process to deal with the problems of tomorrow. Her design focus is the conception of product and service, storytelling, visualization and illustration. Currently, she lives in Berlin an works as a freelancer for illustration, graphic and concept design.
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Lea Schwegler
Lea holds a Master Degree in Strategic Design at the University a Applied Sciences at Schwaebisch Gmuend. Her core interests are research and future trends, social design, UX and design classics.
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