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Steffi Kieffer of Revelate

UX Consultant & Design Thinking Coach

Steffi Kieffer

Humane Design and the Attention Economy

Lightning Talk: We are surrounded by amazing digital products. The problem is they are all in a race to capture our limited attention in order to continue financial growth. The techniques that keep us hooked to our devices are changing our behaviour - unfortunately not always for the best. We find it increasingly hard to disconnect, leading to more stress, anxiety, and less sleep.

Designing tech to benefit the deeper goals of people is an emerging topic of great importance. In this talk, Steffi will focus on how to make products more humane in order to realign technology with humanity's best interest.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Steffi

With a track record of over 15 years, Steffi combines User Experience, Lean Startup and Design Thinking methods in her approach to digital product design.

She holds lectures, trainings and workshops on Design Thinking and User Experience, is mentor at Lean Startup Machine and co-organizer of the Humane Tech and Design Thinking Meetup Group in Munich.

Prior to founding Revelate, a strategic design consultancy, she studied at Goldsmiths College (University of London) and worked as a freelance designer in London, Barcelona and Munich.

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