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Shan He of Uber

Senior Data Visualization Engineer

Shan He

From Beautiful Maps to Actionable Insights

Lightning Talk: As a senior data visualization engineer, data artist and creative coder and founding member at the Uber visualization data team in San Francisco, Shan and her team help their colleagues at Uber to navigate the gigantic amounts of data of all those cars and rides.

Recently they've released kepler.gl, a data agnostic, high-performant web-based tool for visualizing millions of geospatial data points in the browser.

Shan will tangibly demonstrate how big data and design can help you inform the user experience as well as the product and the business.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Shan

Shan is a senior data visualization engineer at Uber. She is a coder, a designer, and a data artist. Shan is the founding member of Uber's data visualization team. At Uber, she builds data tools and platforms to make business intelligence easy to access, creates exploratory data visualizations to facilitate data analysis and modeling, and publishes public facing graphics and animations to tell data stories about Uber. Prior to joining Uber, Shan studied at MIT and received a master in design computation while conducting research at the MIT Senseable City Lab as data visualization specialist. Shan is the author of kepler.gl, an open sourced data visualization tool, for visualizing large-scale geospatial data on the web.

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