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Sebastian Hunkeler of Arduino

Interaction Designer

Sebastian Hunkeler

Prototyping Considered Harmful

Prototyping is a risk reduction activity, from a business perspective. But is it from a human perspective? How do we make sure that we don't do any mental harm to the people when dry-running an experience? We're living in a time where designers deal with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence or mixed reality of which we don't understand their full impact yet. Talking to a chat bot which emulates your deceased wife's voice or jumping off a plane in VR? Many things are already possible.

But even with mundane technology or no technology at all, we're not always prepared for dealing with prototyping failure. Fail early but fail wisely. In this talk I will tell about my blunders and learnings from prototyping for children of separated parents.

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Friday at 15:00

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About Sebastian

Sebastian has always been passionate about bringing technology closer to the people. However, his background in Software Engineering only gave him a limited perspective on the meaning and the impact of technology on people and our environment. In 2015 his life changed. He was working on a project to assess medical students in the federal exams. One of the exams was just about to start when one of the examiner refused to use the iPad assmessment app. He was afraid of the technology because he had never held such a device in his hands before. After walking him through the process he agreed to use it. At the end of the exam Sebastian asked about his experience and the examiner was genuinely delighted. He said that he would never ever want the tedious paper assessment checklists back and that he would now go and buy an iPad for himself. This is when Sebastian got to understand the value of design.

Subsequently he went to Copenhagen and successfully completed the Interaction Design Programme at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, bringing togehter his passions and expertise on both design and technology.

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