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Melanie Dreser of futurice

Design Director

Melanie Dreser

How to translate fears of the unknown into a future that’s worth living in

In our rapidly changing world, new technologies emerge faster than humans can adapt to them. Trying to keep up with the latest developments, we download, install and update continuously.

Not knowing about the complex processes, we develop fears of the unknown: Can these services be trusted? Is it secure? Are intelligent robots taking over our jobs?

A human-centered approach combined with tools to address ethical questions helps when creating AI services. Understanding and addressing ethical issues proactively can happen on three different levels: Individual, Company, Community/Governmental.

This talk introduces tools and guiding questions which help us to create a future people are not afraid of but looking forward to.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 14:00

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About Melanie

As a Design Director at Futurice, Melanie's work consists of building the design team, competences and offering in an increasingly AI driven world. Since more than 10 years she creates (digital) services for several world renown clients in industries such as mobility, FMCG, energy and retail focusing on human-centred design and strategy. As a design consultant, she believes the key to exceptionally great service innovation and user experiences lies in the combination of user, business & technology understanding. Melanie is passionate about a deep understanding of user’s needs in combination with a sense for trends, (emerging) technology and the market to design meaningful experiences and services.

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