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Kevin Cannon of frog

Principal Interaction Designer

Kevin Cannon

Digital Luxury

Lightning Talk: What’s the difference between diamonds and pixels, between a Ferrari and an iPhone and most importantly why are there pineapples on top of buildings all over London?

Kevin has worked with both luxury and budget brands and this got him thinking; How do factors like materials, manufacturing and scarcity affect what we consider to be luxury?

This talk will look at the apparent contradictions between the hyper-scalability of digital technologies and the scarcity of luxury products and explore the question: ‘Can luxury even exist in a digital world?’

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 14:00

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About Kevin

Kevin is a Principal Designer at frog specialising in Interaction Design. He has designed medical devices, smart home products and museum exhibitions and has cried in many usability tests along the way. His favourite twitter feed is the @internetofshit account and his goal when designing products is to avoid being featured on it. To date, he has not been 100% successful in that goal. Ask over a beer and he might even tell you why.

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