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Anders Toxboe of DR - Danmarks Radio

Head of Digital Development

Anders Toxboe

Experiment to innovate

Are you stuck in product tunnel vision, still focusing on implementing ideas months old, only to find out they failed? Are you tired of spending time on building stuff nobody wants (other than your boss)?

Then let's go on a ride! Anders will tell you how to escape tunnel vision and start focusing on building the right thing. The silver bullet is systematic and constant product testing.

Anders will take the boring part out of testing and show you how easy it can be, so you product can start shining to more (and the right) people. He will reveal his playbook of cleverly thought out product experiments used by product builders at companies like Spotify, Booking.com, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Havard, MIT, and Stanford.

Learn more in the workshop:
Practice defining and prioritising your assumptions to turn them into actionable experiments in the full-day workshop Experiment to build the right thing with Anders on Oct. 18!

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 14:00

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About Anders

Anders manages digital development at the Danish Broadcasting corporation (the Danish BBC), where he leads a product army of 90 skilled individuals parted into 10 product teams consisting of everything from QA, developers, architects, User Researchers, Designers, specialist, and product managers. Anders is leading the companies digital transformation from waterfall to agile and from a narrow delivery-focus to also embracing product discovery.

Since 2007, Anders has also been running a popular site on UI Patterns. It has led him to explore, learn, and understand the mechanisms behind the user experiences we all take for granted. The site has grown into a platform of how to conduct successful UX, design, and process and also offers three popular brainstorm tools: The Validation Patterns-, Persuasive Pattern-, and the UI Patterns card deck.

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