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Adrian Zumbrunnen of Google

Design Tinkerer

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Creating a movement – How to make sure your ideas don't die

Good design and ideas rarely happen in isolation. They are shaped by complex invisible forces that people from the outside can't observe. The bigger the organization and the team, the harder it is to get your ideas to happen.

In this talk, Adrian discusses the importance of designing for attention. This is not a talk about deception and luring people into using products they don't need. It's about framing ideas in a way that gets them noticed both in- and outside of the workplace.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 11:00

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About Adrian

Adrian Zumbrunnen is currently design tinkering at Google where heโ€™s worked on various products like Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google AdWords and Google Maps. Prior he was an independent designer and worked at iA where he served various clients in the industry.

Adrian is also an alumni speaker of #push16. You can watch his wonderful talk on Smart Transitions in UI Design in our vimeo channel.

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