Failure Slam at #push18

A space to share about failing and learning

Conferences are often places for talk about success, highly polished cases and pixel perfect ideas. Not anymore: we are celebrating all our “sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t”-moments!

Join for some energetic and honest sessions during the conference breaks at the new community stage to talk about failure stories and learnings!

This activity was created together with Munich friends of push conference Jan Korsanke and Christian Margolus who will also host the Failure Slam sessions at #push18!

Date & Time

during breaks at push conference Oct 19–20


main venue | foyer 1st floor

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We want your Failures!

The bravest ones among you get the unique opportunity to share their single greatest learning on our new community stage.

What's the format?
The Failure Slam will take place during breaks at the small Community Stage. If you participate you will not miss any of the talks in the main program, promised! You'll get 8 minutes to tell us about your biggest failure and the key insight you took away from it. With or without slides is up to you!

What should I talk about?
No matter if you lost your most important client by procrastinating past the deadline, shared a private message with your entire client mailing list or misunderstood 18 for 80 in the target user age briefing.

Submit and share your most honest story. Free hugs provided upon request.

If your story is selected, the hosts will get in touch with you via the email provided in the submission. Please only submit if you are attending conference on 19th and 20th of October 2018.