The program for #push18

2 conference days

18 speakers on stage
interactive exhibition

plus side activities

Conference Day 1: Oct 19

Conference Day 2: Oct 20

Acts of love

Acts of love

Florian Gulden / Managing Director @ icon incar


PUSH UX Workshops Oct 18

Join us for hands-on knowledge exchange in these intensive full day UX workshops with seasoned trainers! These sessions are hosted by push and take place before the conference.

Side Activities

Enjoy our extra activities before and during the conference in addition to the great talks – Here you can make new friends and endulge in even more exchange on design topics!

Please note that some activities require separate sign-up and happen at different dates or outside venues.

Failure Slam

at push conference Oct 19–20 | main venue | foyer 1st floor

Energetic and honest sessions to share and exchange about failing and learning on our new Community Stage.

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Morning Munich Run

mornings of push conference days Oct 19–20 | location tbd

Wake up and see Munich on a guided run before the start of push conference, hosted by the nice folks from Freeletics. A fun, easy and healthy way to get to know the city and some fellow visitors before starting the morning at the conference while keeping up your fitness routine!

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What’s in it for me, Adobe XD?

partner workshop Oct 19 | external venue

Open for everybody! In this deep dive, Adobe encourages you to take the time and Adobe XD for a thorough spin, discuss with the extended XD team and learn about its powerful capabilities that are continuously expanding literally every month, based on the direct input and requests from our users – you!
Matthias Ott will provide unique insights into the roadmap and the user centric design process at Adobe and explain how the XD team manages to deliver quality releases across five platforms on a monthly release cadence. Ask any question, and discuss best practices in product design and development with Matthias, who is a member of the XDI Team.

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Live Website Critique

during coffee breaks at push conference Oct 19–20 | main venue | foyer 1st floor

How well do you know your own website? You can always learn some more! Get free feedback and advice on your project or product by digital strategy consultant Daniel G. Siegel live at the Community Stage.

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Lean Coffee Discussions

during breaks at push conference Oct 19–20 | main venue

A long running essential and wonderfully self-organising participatory format. During breaks anybody can drop in, put up a question or topic, and address the group to hear their thoughts. Constant thumbs up or down voting for additional time makes sure the conversations stays relevant for the whole group or moves on to the next topic. Stop by, ask and discuss or just listen in to what's on other designers mind. Thank you to the hosts and the UX Monday München group!

Interactive Exhibition

on site during push conference Oct 19-20 | main venue

We love this format as a tangible addition to the great presentations on stage! That's why we bring you an exciting selection of interactive installations, creative technology experiments and well executed projects to try out and discuss with their creators live on site during the conference days. Want to show yours? Submit it!

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Warmup Night

evening of Oct 18 | Google Munich

This year we'll start the exchange on design in a cozy setting with two fireside chat discussions on craft and ethics of design.

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