Munich Guide

Facts, tips and recommendations for your stay during push conference

Coming from out of town to visit push conference? Figuring out an unfamiliar city can be anything from slightly annoying to full on daunting, so we'd like to use our local knowledge to make it as easy as possible for you.

Here you can find some helpful tips for:

  • getting around in Munich
  • arriving in Munich
  • finding a well located hotel
  • touristing best practices

Arriving in Munich by public transport

Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof München)
The main train station of Munich is located within walking distance to the city center. The U5 subway line connects the conference venue and main station directly with a super short 6 minute ride.

Airport Munich (MUC - Franz Josef Strauss)
Munich’s airport is well accessible with two direct lines, S1 and S8, usually departing every 10 minutes. They connect the airport with the central public transport lines at stations all across the city, e.g. the main train station and Marienplatz (main square). If you want to depart directly from the venue of push conference, the journey will take you approx. 60 minutes door to door.

Getting around during your stay

Public transport
Munich has one of the most dense public transport networks in Europe, so it's quite easy to get pretty much anywhere in the city by subway (Ubahn), suburban train (S-Bahn), tram or bus. It also happens to be the cheapest way to get from A to B! As we like to say here, Munich is a big village, so distances are never too far.

If your point B happens to be push conference, then you will want to get off at the subway station 'Schwanthalerhöhe', which is just around the corner from the venue. This stop is served by both the U4 and U5 subway lines. As you can see on the map, those two lines cover much of the city from east to west. From most places along the U4/ U5, it takes less than 15 minutes to get to push conference.

For those of you who don't stay in a place that is close to the U4/ U5 line, the good news is that push conference is easily reachable from pretty much anywhere in the city with just one transfer. It's easy to switch to U4/ U5 lines e.g. at the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), extending your reach and accommodation options without adding much travel time. The website of the Munich transit authority (MVV) has transit maps available on their website.

Taxi and Uber
Public transport isn't your thing? No problem! Taxis are easily available at the high street. We recommend using the the free MyTaxi app, which will allow you to book a taxi and also to pay directly through the app. That concept reminds you of Uber? Yes, it's quite similar! That being said, Uber is available as well. The price difference is quite small, so if you're more comfortable with an officially registered driver, go for a taxi.

Did we say that public transport was the cheapest way to get around? Well, there’s one more way to save your €uros for even more beer and pretzels. Munich also happens to be an incredibly walkable city, so depending on the area you are staying in, that could be a good option too. The map shows a rough area from where you should be able to reach the conference venue in 15–30 minutes or less. Just make sure you know your turns – most streets in this old town don't run at right angles to each other.


As you can see, it's quite easy and quick to get around in Munich. That means that it doesn't make that much of a difference where exactly your hotel or other accommodation is located (at least not when it comes to getting to the conference).

Munich is a very popular destination for tourism and business alike, so we strongly recommend booking your trip well ahead.

In our experience, different booking websites have very different prices available. We've had the best results on, but your experience may vary, so it might make sense to try a few options.

Airbnb's are available too, but seem to be booking up quite quickly. With regards to location, our recommendation is the same as for hotels.

Touristing best practices and everything else that's good to know

The local currency is Euros (€). ATMs, called EC-Automat, are located all over town. Public transport stations are a good guess if you’re looking for one, and every bank branch would have one installed as well.

While you can pay by card at virtually every restaurant and every shop, it is recommended to keep a small amount of cash on you. This is especially useful for grabbing a coffee & snack e.g at small bakeries or kiosks, or local street markets, where cash is often the only payment accepted.

Tipping is welcome in serviced situations and never included by default on your bill. In restaurants the rule of thumb is roughly 10%, aiming for a round sum (e.g. 37,50€ -> 40€). After you’ve seen the bill and when you’re paying, just tell the amount you want to give (“Make it 40€, please”).

Munich is an extremely safe city. Just have your usual common sense switched on, but you shouldn’t run into any naughty surprises known from tourist traps elsewhere.

All Germans learn(ed) English at school, so even in restaurants and supermarkets you will be able to communicate at least on a basic level.

In beer gardens, beer halls and traditional restaurants you can usually take seats at tables with patrons already sitting there. Just ask in a friendly way if you can join them, and make sure to say “Prost!” (cheers!) with your beer once you’ve taken your place. A great way to make new friends!

That’s it – we hope this information is useful and helps you prepare your visit to push conference well!

Happy travels and see you in October in Munich!
Your push conference team