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Sebastian Krumhausen of Sure

Co-Founder and Head of Product

Sebastian Krumhausen

Conversational Experiences for Humans

Bots are taking over the world, it seems these days. They're our new friends on Facebook, they control the music and the TV and soon they'll read bedtime stories to our kids. A lot seems possible with this interaction and channel, powered by the ever growing availability and might of AI systems. So do we now simply ditch our websites, slap a chatbot on instead and replace our product by an Alexa skill?

In this session, Sebastian will explain the real benefits and opportunities of conversational interfaces for users and businesses – and how we as designers can make sure they're created in a way that makes sense for humans. While we still matter.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 10:00

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About Sebastian

Sebastian Krumhausen is a Copenhagen based digital strategist focussed on digital product management, innovation and user-experience. He has helped various brands and startups helping them building the right thing, the right way, for the right audience.

Sebastian is currently the co-founder and head of product of surebot.io, a chatbot service that curates the most Instagrammed food & drink spots.

Recently launched on ProductHunt and with 12,000 users, Sure is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that curates the most Instagrammed food and drink spots around you. Sure sources and stitches influencer data from multiple sources and extracts personalised recommendations using machine learning and AI.

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