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Sabrina Mach of ThoughtWorks

Lead Experience Designer

Sabrina Mach

Using acting techniques to understand & predict human behaviour

We often talk about stepping into our user’s shoes. We learn about them and watch them do things. But we still do this from the outside, and therefore still have a limited understanding about why users do things, and we still have a limited ability to predict their behaviour.

This talk shares acting techniques that help us step into your user's shoes. We will hear stories about situations that were acted out by people applying those techniques, and hear how this helped to better understand and predict human behaviour. This is small data in action, with a powerful outcome.

You will take with you a simple framework that can be used to prototype service and product situations.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Sabrina

Sabrina has 10 years experience in leading projects and teams that help companies create outstanding products and services. After founding her own startup Webnographer, she lead the UX effort at OptioPay: defining the UX strategy, executing it, and evangelizing UX throughout the Organisation. Sabrina recently joined ThoughtWorks as Lead Experience Designer.

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