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Nihan Altug of Futurice

Crossbreed Designer

Nihan Altug

Reflecting alone - Acting in tune - what we can learn from design team setups

We all know how nowadays work requires group work. However, we tend to think that group work is more important than or in any way superior to individual work. We have the common misconception that the right team set up can achieve anything and is anyway more effective than a single person.

Truth is, even the best team setup has its weaknesses, which is why we need a balance of both - a well-mixed team and the room to work in solitude. Meanwhile, let’s not forget about all the dimensions of human factors that have an impact on the work dynamics such as character traits, multidisciplinarity, skillsets, etc..

Let's cut to the chase and accept that group work is not any superior to individual work and clarify when each is suited best. Let's explore how the dimensions of group work vs. individual work, personality types, etc. are all different pieces of the same puzzle and how they fit complementary together.

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Friday at 15:00

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About Nihan

Nihan works as a Service Designer and Advisor at Futurice in Munich. Before, she used to work as teaching assistant for the Stanford Design Thinking program ME310 at the University of St.Gallen. During that period, she has also been working as a Design Thinking Coach for corporates. As a trained industrial & strategic designer, Nihan holds a M.Sc. degree in Strategic Product Design with highest distinction from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.

Above that, she is strongly driven by her intellectual curiosity and has a high affinity for technical innovation, human factors & managerial relations. Through her work at the design consultant agency npk design in Leiden, her repeated participation in the worldwide student design competition – Formula Student and through her graduation at Volkswagen Spin-Off Service Innovation Labs in Berlin, Nihan obtained a deep understanding in business, design and engineering to eventually become a crossbreed designer.

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