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Marco Bernardi of Accurat

Deputy Design Director

Marco Bernardi

Interacting with Eclectic Data

In the last years, the fact that data constitutes a precious raw material for information designers has been widely proved. The challenge, each time, is to evaluate and master how to craft data and the way we interact with them, keeping in mind what they stand for.

If we consider data as a representation of life and reality and a way to convey human stories, they should be likewise multifaceted, warm and subjective, a powerful design tool able to play different roles and create innovative experiences, going beyond a printed surface or a digital product.

The talk will focus on how, at Accurat, we apply this approach and philosophy to design engaging data driven experiences in different contexts.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 13:00

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About Marco

Marco is Deputy Design Director at Accurat, a global, data-driven research, design, and innovation firm with offices in Milan and New York.
Accurat couples high-end design with low-level data, crafting intelligent, user-centric solutions for global leaders in business, government, and media. They work collaboratively with their clients to uncover key organizational challenges, develop new processes and workflows, and deploy internal and external data visualizations, interfaces, and tools that drive insight and engagement. Accurat collaborates with their clients to imagine, design, and build rich, data-driven interactive user experiences that provide awareness, entertainment, comprehension, and insight.

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