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Juan Tejeda of BRAINS & HEARTS

Business Designer / Managing Director

Juan Tejeda

Finally, designers got a seat at the table. So, now what?

As design becomes the most popular and powerful tool for problem-solving, business strategy and innovation, the lines between design and business are quickly blurring. So much so, that is necessary for both sides of the spectrum (Business and Design) to come closer together and find a common language and understanding (a new business culture).

Just like people in business are learning to integrate design thinking into their practice, the modern designer needs to understand the underlying intricacies of business to be able to participate in real business decisions rather than remaining a bystander. Designers, demanded for a long time to have a seat at the table and take part in critical business decisions. They finally got it. So, now what?

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Saturday at 14:00

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About Juan

Strategic thinker in the areas of Business Design, Design Thinking, Business Development and Interaction Design. Honing critical experience working for international markets such as New York, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Santo Domingo and Munich. Since 2005, Founder and Managing Director of Business Design Agency BRAINS & HEARTS. Serial entrepreneur and mentor for several start-ups.

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