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Gina Taha of Freelance

Senior UX Researcher/ Service Design Lead

Gina Taha

Sexy vs Sexist UX

If you ask professionals what the secret to a great experience is, they’ll mention things such as they match user needs, they are intuitive and user-friendly. But who is this amalgamous user? Men and women interact differently, amongst themselves and with each other, and what we don’t realize is that sometimes our design feedback and choices inadvertently align to strengthen implicit gender biases. A short talk on mistakes made in recommendations, design decisions and micro-interactions that pushed the line from something polished, to something patronizing.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Gina

Gina collaborates with strategy-focused design and research agencies worldwide in the creation of user-centered product-service-system experiences. Her goal is to deeply root insights derived from ethnography and other qualitative research methods, into design solutions that really deliver on technology's promise of inclusivity and empowerment within. She covers both developed and developing markets.

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