Claudia Ciarpella of Designit

UX Designer

Claudia Ciarpella

Playful Vocal Interfaces

What happens when a kid asks Alexa where babies come from? Or if Santa Claus is real? Vocal Interfaces are becoming more witty and fun, providing moments of serendipity in people´s lives. In this talk we´ll get a look at how Vocal Interfaces overcome thorny situations giving them an entertaining spin and at the ones that are not solved yet.

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Saturday at 14:00

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About Claudia

Claudia Ciarpella is a Ux designer at Designit in Munich.

Since her studies in Product Design and across her time at The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, she has been interested in understanding people and what drives them.

She believes designing with playfulness in mind helps to engage people and spark moments of serendipity in their lives.

In a constant mission to make life more fun, she is dedicated to the investigation of how to craft engaging experiences through playfulness across different media.

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