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Anna Wiederkehr of Interactive Things

Emotion Enthusiast & Visualization Designer

Anna Wiederkehr

Fine. Designing and visualising emotions

Fine. is an investigation of how emotion visualization could look like and work. In it, I explore how data visualization could be used to help us communicate and reflect on our emotions. This thesis offers a system, in the form of a digital application, for the recording, visualization and analysis of emotion. The result is an experience designed to provide users a path for gaining emotion awareness. In addition, a set of guidelines are laid out to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to designing tools for emotion.

It can't be missed because emotions are weird and hard to talk about, but we designers have a skillset which can give tangibility to emotion and increase our ability to talk about how we feel.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 14:00

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About Anna

Anna is a self-taught American designer with a background in journalism and mass communications. She spent the last year-and-a-half at Zürich University of the Arts doing design research on emotion visualization. When she’s not behind a computer, Anna is camping, chasing her dog, and convincing people to talk about their feelings.

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