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Olivia Shepherd of Namics

Little UX Lady

Olivia Shepherd

Dear editors, I am so sorry – Sincerely, the UX universe

Lightning Talk:

This apology is way overdue. We are talking and working on trending topics like The Internet of Things, Wearables or Industry 4.0. Along with that, we keep asking ourselves: 'How can we enhance the usability and user experience?', 'How can we create persuasive designs and smart transitions?'.

But there is one thing that we really don’t think about at all: It’s creating an interface that enables editors to easily create digital experiences. No matter how awesome the technology, the concept and design is, if the system behind it is unusable, it will have a negative effect on the finished product’s user experience.

Talk Date & Time

Thursday at 15:00

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About Olivia

For 3.5 years now, Olivia Shepherd has been an UX-Consultant at Namics. She loves working in a multi-cultural and creative environment. Her passion lies within creating user-friendly concepts and interfaces, user research, CMS-Usability, prototyping, writing functional specifications and quality assurance (in conjunction with CMSs).

The Little UX Lady truly is a team player, hard-working, ambitious and well organized. And if you give her some time to free her mind, she will even come up with some really good creative stuff.

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