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Marina Grechko of Delightex

UX Manager

Marina Grechko

Mastering the mess – UI mapping for a better world

Lightning Talk:

It’s quite easy to lose control of your digital product, especially in our modern multi-device culture. But how can you reduce the complexity and oversee this mess? How can you determine how information is displayed and accessed throughout the application? There can be a solution — the UI Map.

It’s an informational architecture tool that allows you to understand how a user navigates through your application coming from different entry points. It identifies the gaps in those journeys and helps you to understand the context of your content. In this talk, Marina will share her experiences from daily work. She will show you how you can apply UI Mapping to your process to create better digital products – for a better world.

Talk Date & Time

Thursday at 15:00

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About Marina

Marina works as a UX Manager at Delightex, a Munich-based IT company. They are currently designing an easy to use tool called CoSpaces, which enables anyone to create their own virtual reality experiences.

Speaking the languages of both worlds, Marina supports her designers as well as the developers: It is her job to come up with straightforward solutions, reduce barriers and support a shared vision, so they can constantly improve their product.

During the ten years of her career, she has mainly focused on the product and the users’ needs. She started my journey at the IT company Jetbrains as a test and quality assurance engineer. Later she went into project management and then into UX. From the very beginning, Marina has always been keen on improving her product.

Marina is also a cat lover and part-time trainer. If you want to know how to make your cat use your toilet, feel free to contact her any time.

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