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Kate Fischer of icon incar

Lead UX Designer

Kate Fischer

Autopilot experience: how to provide your service in car & keep drivers alive

Lightning Talk:

Current market analysis says that '…due to autonomous vehicles an estimated 1.2 billion motorists around the world who spend 50 minutes per day in traffic will find themselves with freed up time. This means for users, who will be able to spend traveling time working, relaxing, or accessing entertainment. The time saved by commuters every day might add up globally to a mind-blowing one billion hours—equivalent to twice the time it took to build the Great Pyramid of Giza. It could also create a large pool of value, potentially generating global digital-media revenues of €5 billion per year for every additional minute people spend on the mobile Internet while in a car.'

My concerns are made of the combination of autonomous systems and upcoming wave of inCar based services which will try to fill out this 50 mins per day gap of the average driver.

The experience of the recent car accidents shows that autopilot systems are still far away from being perfect and requires constant driver’s control.

On top, distracting from driving or observation of a road conditions apps which are created for vehicle’s infotainment systems following current mobile development rules and trends can additionally increase car accident risks. Such applications obviously are not valid for using while driving.

I would like to make the red line of my talk comparison of 2 situations. One is a driver interacting with services in car while driving in autonomous mode from one side and the highlight of a male mantis life which after short entertaining part sacrificing his life.

So the goal of my talk is to share my own experience and ideas about how to keep driver engaged to always have an eye on a road conditions and meanwhile interact with your service when autopilot is on. Means how to help innocent mantis get his portion of joy without his head being bit off :)

What you will learn from this talk:
  • - What kind of design principals should be applied
  • - Intro to the safety requirements and variety of target devicesWhat are the best ways of data input and why
  • - What kind of gamification features could be included to potentially increase safety of autonomous vehicles and how to do it
  • - Learnings of how to entertain without killing

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 14:00

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About Kate

Kate is an enthusiastic UX and interaction designer with a good base of front-end development background and skills. She enjoys to be part of the team where she can create new concepts and develop innovative solutions rapidly and this way provide her team with successful and productive work. Following the rule of Less is More she tries to reinvent good design where form meets the function without too much visual chaos.

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