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David Sjunnesson of IDEO

Design Lead

David Sjunnesson

The role of the designer in a world eaten by software

What skills do we need as future designers? We see a shift in the profession with more and more automation coming into our daily work life. Algorythms can make more and more choices and take over more and more decisions. They design websites, set visual parameters and shape products. AIs are now chatting with our customers and users. Are we soon all obsolete as designers?

This talk will explore where machines will take over, why that's a good thing and how we as creatives need to position ourselves to make our profession survive through the changes ahead.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 16:30

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About David

David is a light loving interaction designer that creates random bits of happiness. He is a Design lead @IDEO Chicago, soon moving to the Munich studio. In his past he was part of projects like Google Weblab.

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