The program for #push16

2 conference days

18 speakers on stage
interactive exhibition

insights & networking

Conference Day 1: Oct 20

The talks are over for today, but the evening has just begun! Here's a couple of reasons to stick around:

Get together with drinks (18:30-22:00)

Speed networking (19:00)

Interactive exhibition

After 21:30: The venue closes but you're still going strong?
Follow the brave core for some cocktails at Kongressbar right around the corner.

Conference Day 2: Oct 21

UX for VR

UX for VR

Mike Alger / Interaction Designer @ Google

Inofficial closing dinner

The speakers and us are heading for dinner at Hacker Pschorr around the corner. Feel free to join an keep on chatting!


UX Workshops Wednesday Oct 19

Join us for hands-on knowledge exchange with seasoned trainers!

Designing with Persuasive UI Patterns Oct. 19th

Learn how to apply psychology to designing engaging digital user experiences that make people take action. The starting point will be in psychology rather than in graphical design. We will examine how we are as humans: how we think. You will learn what motivate users when they make decisions and how they make decisions.

What we will achieve:
The appropriate approach to engaging your users depends on where they are in your product's lifecycle. We will examine all stages of your user-relationship:

  • How to get people on board
  • How to get people started and discovering all your product has to offer
  • How to make them stick around (and love your product)

Each participant receives a concluding workshop certificate for presentation at work or as proof of qualification for future applications. The workshop is held by #push16 speaker Anders Toxboe.

Get your workshop tickets here

Interactive Exhibition

We love this format as a tangible addition to the great presentations on stage! That's why as a bonus we bring you not only talks but also an exciting selection of interactive installations, creative technology experiments and well executed projects to try out and discuss with their creators live on site.