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Chief Creative

Stefan Vladimirov

Beyond logo & UI. Making a coherent brand and user experience in a startup.

Being a designer in a startup goes further than just making a great logo and polished UI. The big challenge is in creating a unified brand experience across product, media and visual identity. I will share my learnings from the making of the Swipes product and brand and most likely tell an awkward icebreaker joke.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Stefan

I am as naive as I can be about making choices – I always go for my gut feeling, rather than what seems rational. I have always had passion for making pretty things and that’s how I got into photography and later on graphic design, copywriting, illustrations, cinematography and branding. After finishing my Marketing degree in Denmark that same naive feeling got me to start freelancing and later on to co-found Swipes. For the past two years I have been crafting the Swipes product, company identity, making illustrations, advertising videos, etc.

Design doesn’t finish with the logo or the UI. Building a memorable brand experience and identity requires all sides of the experience to be carefully thought through and synced. That’s where my fullest attention is right now - How to make a coherent brand experience in a startup company.

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