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Speculative Interaction Designer

Simone Rebaudengo

The house that knows too much

We are building a future of things that observe us and the environment, that learn and are trained to take decisions. A lot of them will be living with us in our homes. We will tap into the weird, awkward, and potentially ironic relationships that can emerge with an objects that knows partial, wrong or even biased information about us. As there are a lot of assumptions around this being a future that will work and that we want anyway and in this talk we shortcircuit some of them.

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Saturday at 13:00

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About Simone

Simone is an interaction designer based in Shanghai working and speculating about futures at frog. He builds products and scenarios that are believable enough to be real, but that come from hypothetical and questionable futures. His research focuses on exploring the implications of living with networked and somewhat smart products that change, grow, and that are smart enough to take their own decisions and show a point of view.

His works have been published internationally on Wired, Fastcompany, The Atlantic and Designboom and awarded by Core77, IXDA Interaction Awards and Internet of things Awards.

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