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Sandra Heinzen

(Online)Styleguides – From a dead document to a cradle of life

This talk will tell a story about how styleguides evolved over the last years. Styleguides are anchored in our agency business for ages and they are still desired by our clients, no matter if the product is offline or online. Designers put all their heart in those documents and it would be a shame if they would just rot as a dead PDF in some folder on your server. Styleguides are living creatures and we want them to influence our product and not vice versa.

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Friday at 15:00

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About Sandra

Sandra Heinzen is an Art Director Online at Solutions, Serviceplan Group in Munich, Germany. She joined in March 2011 and is working in online design for 7,5 years now. The 26 year old Visual & UI Designer has a technical background and is the founder of 'The Web Anthology' - a monthly magazine about digital trends & inspiration - and the founder of the 'Innovation Lab' at Serviceplan Group. In 2013 she joined the indian Serviceplan office in New Delhi to work for Lufthansa, BMW and MINI for 2 months. Besides her main clients DHL and Schaeffler, she launched the new Serviceplan and website. Sandra is responsible for designing a wide range of digital products like websites and apps. And she's guiding her colleagues to face all the new digital stuff which is out there. Digital at heart.

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