Paul Skinner of Tellart

Creative Director

Paul Skinner

Speculative Design Visions with Interactive Installations

It is impossible to predict the future. But the future is not a completely blank space yet to be filled - it contains infinite interconnected possibilities, and most of these possibilities stem from decisions we make today.

If, as designers, we are creating the future one bit at a time, it is our responsibility to consciously design a future we want to occupy. Of course, the future is also being created by many others, not least governmental leaders; whose insights and convictions have the influence to affect society at every level, but who do not necessarily think as designers.

In this talk, Paul will share how Tellart has employed user research and user centric design to engage this important audience with an inspiring, provocative, and sometimes emotional encounter with the Future.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 15:30

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About Paul

Paul Skinner is a Creative Director at Tellart, an experience design studio based in Providence, RI, USA. Having formerly worked as an R&D hacker and developer at production studio Digit London, then Creative Technologist and later Creative Technology Director for global ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, Paul has overseen a broad spectrum of interactive projects.

Paul’s primary interest has always been embodied interaction, which attracted him to Tellart in 2013. His first project was to lead the creation of the award-winning Museum of Future Government Services, a large-scale immersive ‘speculative design’ experience commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office of the UAE. The experience has become a yearly fixture at the Dubai Government Summit in Dubai and is approaching its third iteration. Due in part to its success, the building of Dubai’s permanent ‘Museum of the Future’ h​as recently been announced​for completion in 2017. After some time in Tellart’s New York studio, Paul is now once again based in Amsterdam, leading projects for clients around the world.

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