Pasquale d'Silva of Keezy

Founder, Creative Director

Pasquale d'Silva

Multidimensional Interfaces

To be detailed: Ideas about Leveraging Space and Time in animation to build the interfaces of the future.
We once heard Pasquale perceives sounds as colors – maybe that has something to do with his outstanding ability to apply animation and transition to interfaces creating truly engaging experiences that makes one smile like a child. A must see!

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 11:00

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About Pasquale

Over my career, I've been a classical and 3d animator, video director, toy designer, product designer and very, very amateur musician. I was born and raised in Australia, and I live in Brooklyn, New York. Once, I dressed up as dead Walt Disney for halloween. I can't do a kickflip anymore. When I'm not doing my favorite work at Keezy, I'm making art, writing about motion design, or making strange music.

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