Pamela Pavliscak of Change Sciences

UX Researcher

Pamela Pavliscak

Designing Happiness

Technology is often framed as a negative force in our lives. It makes us sad, lonely, addicted, lazy, and even a little stupid. But technology can, and does, make people feel smart, whole, connected, happy. What kind of experiences make people feel better about themselves, their communities, and the world? How can we foster well-being through technology? How can we design for positive emotions and positive actions? Pamela has made an extensive study of what makes people happy online. Beyond just delightful details, happiness with technology is a combination of pleasure and purpose. In the talk , she will share ways organizations like Virgin, Snapchat, Be My Eyes, Modcloth, and Medium evoke positive emotion through design. Come away with a new perspective on happiness and a framework for designing happiness.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 12:00

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About Pamela

Pamela Pavliscak (pav-li-check) spend her days listening to people talk about technology and observing people interact with websites, apps, and devices of all kinds. Her research is part deep dive interviews, part social science experiments, part data science. She founded Change Sciences, a research & strategy firm, to better understand our conflicted relationship with technology. She collects stories about people and their technologies at OK Cancel Project. Pamela is currently more than a little obsessed with happiness (and sometimes unhappiness) and technology.

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