Nicole Weber of Ableton

UX Designer

Nicole Weber

Don’t do it alone. User research in an agile environment.

A case study how the Berlin based music software company Ableton conducts user research in an agile environment.

User research is a team sport – Ableton cares deeply about this. Getting your colleagues to see something with their own eyes is more valuable than reading someone’s report.

The lightning talk illustrates how Ableton’s user research process evolved over time,  what we tried, where we failed and what we keep on doing.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Nicole

Nicole is a designer and researcher working at Ableton, a music software company based in Berlin. Before joining Ableton in 2010, she worked as UX designer for the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Berlin. She finished her master thesis at University of Applied Science Potsdam and Potsdam with a focus on user-centered innovation.

She loves to tell stories based on observations of people’s daily endeavors and to create design solutions that improve the way musicians play their instruments. She believes in working together and in iterations.

In her free time she enjoys reading science-fiction, tap dancing and the Talking Heads. Prefers handshakes over hugs.

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