Laura Cortes of UNIT9

Creative Strategist

Laura Cortes

UX in Virtual Reality

With the advance of virtual reality technologies like HMD (head-mounted-displays) creatives together with UX/UI designers face today one of the most exciting moments one could ever ask for - the challenge of a new medium and the opportunity to create a range of symbology which will help design great immersive and engaging experiences.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 14:00

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About Laura

Laura’s career has been gravitating from a UX background towards creative direction and today she is a Creative Strategist and project Creative Director at UNIT9. There she is challenged to understand and assimilate the different subjects and perspectives on a campaign, product, experimental project, and tick the box of user engagement, business goals, creative concept and technology innovation.

With a degree in communication design, a masters in new media and diploma in UX design Laura is now part of the new business team at UNIT9 and has been involved in projects that utilise some of the latest and trendiest technologies out there like VR headsets.

Her latest projects include the website for the Fox Production, a campaign website for Johnson & Johnson Brazil entitled and the VR experience of 5GUM that took place last year in Berlin.

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