Karey Helms of Zebra Technologies

Interaction Designer & Technologist

Karey Helms

Making the invisible physical

Karey will share two example projects from her self­centered design explorations, Phygital Party Mode and Burrito, in which she physically prototypes invisible interactions. She will give insights into how they inform and inspire her professional design processes.

Talk Date & Time

Saturday at 14:00

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About Karey

Karey Helms is an Interaction Designer and Technologist within the Innovation & Design team at Zebra Technologies. Driven by a passion for complex systems and emergent behaviors, she designs new modalities of interaction for emerging technologies to create meaningful enterprise solutions. Prior to joining Zebra, she has a background in architecture with a focus on kinetic structures, which heavily influences her quest to mediate the digital and physical.

Fascinated by our everyday human needs and technology interactions, Karey frequently uses herself as a prototype in hyper­critical explorations she calls self­centered design. By using herself as a canvas to prototype physical manifestations of invisible interactions from the mundane moments of her daily life, she ventures to consider, question and invent our past, present and futures.

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