Heather Daggett of Intuit

Senior Experience Design Prototyper

Heather Daggett

Like a Pro(totyper): Lean Prototyping for UX Designers

You’ve been seeing it more and more lately – experience design job descriptions listing HTML, JS, CSS, and various front-end frameworks as desirable skills for designers to possess.

Some say that learning code allows designers to understand constraints of a system (native, web, mobile, etc). Others might be hoping to leverage a designer as a hybrid web developer.

But what does this mean for good design?

Experience designers are now taking the plunge and going native by learning how to code. If you’re not careful, this knowledge can come at a cost – the cost of good design. The TurboTax design studio has taken a unique approach. We have used this new proficiency solely for the purpose of improving design through prototyping: it’s both a mindset and role.

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Friday at 14:00

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About Heather

Heather has 6+ years of experience as a software design prototyper, combining her background in computer science, web design, and human-computer interaction to bring ideas to life through high-fidelity prototypes. She has created prototypes for the Global Hawk UAV ground station, Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet, and Intuit TurboTax. Heather is passionate about the role of prototyping in design, and loves to share her experience with others.

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