Felix van de Sand of COBE

Director Design Strategy

Felix van de Sand

Rules of Perception

Felix will share insights about the rules behind the perception of digital products and how to translate brand values into UX/UI design. Neuropsychology shows us how to take advan- tage of the fact that characteristics, shape, size and behavior of an object trigger a mental concept - they transmit an object’s meaning and influence the user’s judgement. It helps us take the gut feeling out of design and allows us to argue almost every pixel with a (brand) value. This eventually makes the process of designing and reasoning of UI/UX design more efficient and en- sures a coherent perception of brands and digital products.

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 15:00

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About Felix

Felix van de Sand is Managing Partner and Director Design Strategy at COBE Munich. Following attaining his masters degree in Industrial Design, he worked at designaffairs as a Design Strategist. He switched to the digital side when he founded the UX design agency COBE with three partners in 2012. At COBE, Felix is responsible for aligning the User Experience of digital products with a company's brand positioning.

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