Caroline Goulard of Dataveyes

Human-Data Driven Designer

Caroline Goulard

Data-driven identity

Data visualization is a recent field that remains largely unformatted: techniques and approaches are constantly changing. How to express this dynamic situation without making our identity confusing?
The idea of a generative logo brought an answer: it allowed us to create a coherent symbol, a frame, while leaving room for endless variations.

The new identity of Dataveyes originates from the relations between its members, literally and figuratively. It is dynamic, set in motion by our activity data, which best reveals how we all work together.

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Saturday at 14:00

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About Caroline

Ever since the completion of her studies, Caroline has been nurturing a passion for how information can be expressed, shared and understood. In 2010, sensing that the rich data era will transform the way we work, learn and communicate, she co-founded Dataveyes, a studio specialized in Human-Data interactions. Within Dataveyes, she translates data into interactive experiences, in order to reveal new insightful stories, accompany new uses and understand our environment shaped by data and algorithms.

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