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Beyond usability: Designing with persuasive patterns

Traditionally, UI design has its focus on improving usability for the user. Persuasive design has its focus on improving motivation.
Learn how to apply psychology to design engaging digital experiences that make people take action. For this, we will examine how we are as humans, how we think and what behavioral patterns drive our journey through an interface. You will learn what motivate users when they make decisions and how they make decisions.
The appropriate approach to engaging your users, depend on where they are in a product's lifecycle.

We will examine a selection of important stages of the user-relationship:
  • How to build trust
  • How to get users started
  • How to get users discovering the complete offer
  • How to make them stick around and come back
  • And how to make them love your product and talk about it

To learn all about behavioral patterns and how to utilise them for better experiences join the full-day workshop persuasive patterns on Oct. 22nd – guests of #push15 receive a 50€ discount!

Talk Date & Time

Friday at 16:30

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About Anders

In my day job as Head of Interactive at Bonnier Publications A/S, I manage 3 separate teams solidifying the online future for Bonnier by building the web products that are shifting our company from being grounded in traditional print-based revenue to new businesses based on digital revenue. It is dire times. If we fail to build products that are both easy to use, captivate our audience, and grow new revenue, our whole company will suffer in the long run. Our strong turnaround focus has made psychology and motivation an ever important factor in the products we build. We have failed plenty, but have also experienced many spot-on successes.

Since 2007, I have been running a popular site on UI Patterns. It has led me to explore, learn, and understand the mechanisms behind the user experiences we all take for granted. My courses are an extension of my website.

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