Our Mission

What we do and why it's important.

We want to save the world.

Tomorrow. Definitely. Today we work on making a great meeting spot happen where designers and developers of outstanding digital experiences can meet, learn and get inspired!

push.conference unites professionals that aim to create compelling interactive experiences in the shape of products, apps, websites and installations, inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking.
On two amazing days in Munich, the established UX/UI scene merges with the potential and skill set of a new generation of creative coders and technologists. That way, we provide an inspiring platform for the interactive design field.

So far we look back on:


successful years completed plus more than a dozen UX design workshops. Check out the archive for videos, photos and golden memories!


speakers from Mozilla, BMW, Google, Bosch, The Guardian, Vimeo, Fjord, MESO, Art+Com and many others.


happy guests over the years coming from all over Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and even travelling from as far as Russia, the US, India and South Korea.

The People

Say hi to the dedicated, creative and fun people that make it happen for you.

Christian Perstl

Christian Perstl is co-founder and head of push.conference and as such coordinates all efforts from curation and management to the overall organisation – challenging every detail to make push.conference a pefect event for you to enjoy.

When the morning dawns, Christian is a Senior Interaction Designer at Designit where he helps international clients to design strategic and user centered experiences.

Thomas Gläser

As co-founder, Thomas Gläser is permanent part of the Curators Board, makes new friends for the conference and keeps pushing the development of all aspects with his new exciting ideas.

When not at push.conference, Thomas is Head of User Experience at the Munich based Startup delightex. There he leads the internal UX team building various psychology driven products in a lean way.

Philipp Sackl

The Curators Board would not be complete without Philipp Sackl who comanages the conference and creates the wonderful creative code generators we use to turn your name tags into unique pieces of generative beauty!

On top of push.conference, Philipp makes the web a better place as Lead Designer at Mozilla.

What keeps us going since 4 years is your awesome feedback — thank you so much!

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