Lightning Talks - Ladies' Call

Stand up, take the stage and share your inspiration – or name a great person who should be seen!

Make an impact

Do you want to see bright and engaged women speak more often as much as we do?


We've got a stage to make it happen - now it's up to YOU!
Speaking at push.conference is a great way to present you and your work to more than 450 professionals of the interactive design scene.

The format of our lightning talks - 10min sharp - is perfect for a specific, defined project or topic. If you're not a seasoned speaker, it also gives you the chance to get speaking experience!

What can I submit?

Inspiring and insightful presentations on innovative interactive experiences.

As push.conference is a meeting spot for seasoned professionals, try to stay away from general introductions or standards and best practises - unless it's about something new or particular that everybody should be made aware of!


We specially welcome input on these topics:

  • Hardware Tinkering / Sensory Interfaces
  • Creative Coding
  • Wearables & applications for them
  • Smart Objects
  • UX of Privacy / Security
  • UX KPIs
  • ...and whatever gets YOU excited!

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Spread the word and encourage talented women to join!


How's the selection process?

You can submit your topic until Sept. 5th 2014.
There will be one round where all entries are reviewed and selected by the Curators Board for a broad and meaningful program. If your talk fits, we will get in touch with you via the email provided in the submission and invite you to speak!

Should I get a ticket or wait if I'm selected?

If you want to join push.conference 2014 as a guest, you should get your ticket in any case as soon as you can. Last year was sold out, and Early Birds are only available for a limited time too. If your talk is selected and you already paid for a ticket, we will of course reimburse you and transfer your ticket to a free pass!

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