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push.conference 2013

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Sebastian Oschatz / Meso

Interactive Pioneer


Sebastian Oschatz is a Media Designer and Founding Partner of MESO Digital Interiors. He studied at TU Darmstadt and graduated 1994 with a diploma in computer science. MESO Digital Interiors is a research lab for design, focussing on digital environments, interactive exhibits and interface design.

In 2003 he had a guest professorship at University Kassel. 2004 guest professorship for Interaction Design at Offenbach College of Art & Design. He teaches Interface Design and History of Computing at Schools and Universities.

Sebastian Oschatz founded the development of the graphical programming language VVVV ( and was member of the music groups Involving Systems (1995-03) and Oval (1991-97).

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26. October / 13:30

Untangling Rectangles

The word MESO stems from the Greek word μέσος, which means middle or in-between. So people at MESO are typically caught between two stools, sitting between the chair of the designer (advocating the human) and the chair of the engineer (advocating the machine). This is quite an uncomfortable situation at some times, but forces MESO to provide innovative solutions to our clients. At this it is important to know your basics.

The rectangle is one of the most invisible and inevitable concepts in technical media. Every designer is using them every day. Every engineer loves rectangles. But when designing human experience, the rectangle is basically just one option (assuming one wants to use the concept of 'form' at all). But leaving the comfort zone of rectangular designs will tangle you in a maze of creative, technical and organisational challenges as you are constantly facing the complete loss of your tool palette.

Sebastian will share his thoughts from 15 years of tangling with rectangles, showing various case studies.

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