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push.conference 2013

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Neil Calderwood / Fjord

Service Design Lead


Neil is a Service Design Lead at Fjord Berlin who's seen it all. From telephony to tablets, smartphones to speech recognition, Neil has worked on a vast number of clients and systems in his 14 years in user experience. As early as 2000, he designed and demonstrated a UI for a handheld multimodal device bearing an uncanny resemblance to what Apple would call Siri a decade later. More recently, he single-handedly redefined the web presence of a 200,000-employee company operating in over 150 markets.

Neil is currently bringing his experience to bear in helping clients in several sectors move forward into a device-agnostic future. His team has just completed work on a cross-platform video-on-demand service for a major broadcaster.

Talk Info

talk date / time

25. October / 12:00

Multi & Cross-Device UX concepts

The number of ways in which users can access services and information increases daily. So too does their expectation that their method of choice will work beautifully. How do we design to meet this challenge? Does it have to be an unending nightmare of proliferation and diversification, or can we turn it to our advantage and make things better?

This talk looks at examples of designing for multi-screen and multi-platform patterns of interaction, and provides guidance as to how to approach projects of this kind .

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