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push.conference 2013

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Mike Lemmon / Artefact Group

Master of Pixels & Products


Mike is passionate about helping brands meet the needs of people through meaningful digital products and services. He has designed for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Samsung, Intel, Proctor & Gamble, and Microsoft.

Today Mike is a design director at Artefact Group in Seattle. Prior to Artefact, he spent 5 years with Ziba Design in Portland as a creative director and interaction designer, leading and collaborating with cross-functional design teams.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Western Washington University.

Talk Info

talk date / time

25. October / 18:00

Design Languages for Interactions

You know how you can recognize a Porsche sports car regardless of the model or year? This is effective design language at work. A design language establishes the visual vocabulary, relationships and hierarchies that allow diverse products to become recognizable and unified. This tool has long been used in industrial design to create coherent families of products. But as products become digital and shift to multi-platform app-driven ecosystems, what constitutes an effective design language for interaction that can drive consistency across these varied experiences?

This presentation provides a framework for how to establish an interaction design language by sharing professional project experiences and examples.

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