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push.conference 2013

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LUNAR Europe

creative design consultancy


LUNAR Europe is a creative design consultancy based in Munich. At the core of our creativity is LUNAR’s diverse and inspired team of designers. The team‘s passion and LUNAR‘s design process and holistic methods repeatedly lead the way to delightful products, interfaces or services.

LUNAR‘s design process unites its global core disciplines: Industrial Design, User Experience Design, Design Strategy and Engineering. We believe in a user-centered approach and in the power of beauty and ingenuity to deliver products that not only make sense, they make smiles.

Roman Gebhard is co-founder of LUNAR Europe. Besides establishing it as one of the leading design consultancies in Europe, he taught at the Design University in Lund, Sweden and spoke at various conferences to share his experience and passion for design.

Hanne Trafnik is a user experience designer at LUNAR Europe, where she seeks to highlight the emotional connection between people and objects. Her work has been honoured with the IDEA Industrial Design Award and Adobe Achievement Award.

Talk Info

talk date / time

26. October / 14:30

Disrupting product categories with design

LUNAR initiated an internal design project to demonstrate how a holistic design approach to product development can disrupt a product category, like that of home training equipment.

Out of this internal project two stellar concepts emerged:
VELA, a cycle trainer which ,Forbes‘ called ,the bike that looks like art‘. And NOVA, a newly imagined climbing wall, that introduces relevant interactions with sensors and a smartphone app. Both caught the attention of broad audiences and won several design awards in 2013. Roman and Hanne will speak about the power of design and how to create great experiences.

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