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push.conference 2013

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laboratory for media art


Working is most fun for us, if you challenge us with something you do not believe that it is possible:
We design and develop multimedia-based exhibits that enable the user to experience familiar contents in a new, previously unknown way. We are convinced that there is aperfect medium for every message. This aim is achieved by using the right mixture of acoustic, visual and haptic stimuli, that we mostly use in an interactive or reactive way.

Our exhibits can be found in public space, museums, trade shows and last but not least - the web. We master most of the freakiest interface and sensor technology and love to use all kind of output devices.

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26. October / 14:30

Applied Experiment

In our sixth year we felt like a live cell therapy, the result was a complete redesign, which merely preserved the name, the font and a color from the old days.

At the heart of our appearance lies a very atypical, generative word-/figurative mark: »LAB« stands for the experimental part of our work, whereas »BINÆR« represents the numerical system, which is the basis for our modern brush, the computer.

A logo ought to be a brand’s visual anchor, which, under consideration of various strict rules, must always be used in the same way to ensure maximum recognition. At first glace, we seem to be tossing this basic rule over board, since our signet changes hourly, generating myriad variations. Yet within the inconsistency lies the consistency. Our logo therefore mirrors an ideal daily routine in which we have to redefine ourselves in order to carry out our projects just the way we do.

The variations are generated by a software that analyses every task in our calendear on an hourly basis. These tasks may be for one unconventional experiments, but of course also professional applications and the resulting knowledge. Each task, based on its categorization, generates a certain influence on the logo, either in its »LAB« or »BINÆR« section.

Displaying these influences on a time line results in a logo-animation, which visualizes our atelier’s dynamics.

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