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push.conference 2013

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Johannes Tonollo / Frog

Interface Transitionist


My passion is to enhance User Interfaces with the methods and thinking of motion graphics to lift interaction to a higher level.

While studying Interface Design at 'University of Applied Sciences FH Potsdam' I gained experiences as a freelancer in Berlin. After graduating as Bachelor of Arts I joined frog Amsterdam as an Interaction Designer in March 2012. Besides using motion graphics to bring the static presentation of an user interface to life, I produce scenario based videos to set an atmosphere and to tell the story around the product.

Talk Info

talk date / time

25. October / 15:00

UI Transitions

On the one hand, motion graphics can push the cognitive understanding and orientation by conveying the structure of the UI model - Motion graphics can show the connection between states. On the other hand, motion graphics enhance the emotional side of the interaction. It supports the visual appeal and understanding of the behaviour of an interface - It's just fun to interact with a responding, moving medium.

But where is the Limit? Working with time based methods in a medium which is (often) based on efficiency, is quite contradictory. People want to get things done and don't want to wait for an animation before being able to continue. Therefore, I focussed to find out how motion graphics can be meaningful instead of annoying and frustrating.

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