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push.conference 2013

Speaker Details

Elliot Woods / kimchi and chips

Socio-Visual Artist


Elliot Woods is a digital media artist, technologist, curator, educator from Manchester UK. He creates provocations towards future interactions between humans and socio-visual design technologies (principally projectors, cameras and graphical computation). Towards this goal, Elliot co-founded Kimchi and Chips, an experimental art / design / technology studio based in Seoul. He is known for transforming a tree into an addressable array of voxels and for throwing augmented fireballs.

He is a curator of the ScreenLab Residency and ScreenLab Conference programmes, which develop digital media arts practice, and encourage the dialogue between digital and contemporary art cultures.

He applies his academic background in physics to produce sense-able interfaces with abstract systems, whilst applying a methodical approach to artistic enquiry.

Elliot is a also contributor to the openFrameworks project (a ubiquitous toolkit for creative coding), and an open source contributor to the VVVV platform. His code is available open source and for free on GitHub.

Talk Info

talk date / time

26. October / 10:00

Digital light as a semi-material

Elliot will present possible visual futures which he prototypes through media arts studio Kimchi and Chips. He discusses how dimensional perception affects our relationship with the screen and volumetric canvases, and will introduce the Digital Emulsion research project, which forks the field of projection away from mapping and morphing, towards thinking of digital light as a semi-material fitting to our physical realm.

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