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push.conference 2013

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Darja Isaksson / Ziggy Creative Colony

Innovation adrenalist


In her daily job she works as a CEO and business concept developer at her agency Ziggy Creative Colony.

Darja is firmly convinced that new possibilities also implies new responsibilities for all of us. In internet of things and the digital revolution she sees great opportunity to decrease harmful consumption while still increasing growth. Only through using our fantastic new opportunities wisely, will we be able to reshape our world into something financially, ecologically and socially sustainable and enjoyable.

Talk Info

talk date / time

25. October / 11:00

Digital (r)evolution is accelerating, here's to giving it direction!

A digital revolution is reshaping most human endeavors, and we're all part of the generation watching it gain momentum and participating in giving it direction. This has fundamental impact on the role of designers in society, but also on how we must organize ourselves to maximize impact within our own practices as well as the organizations we work for.

Darja will share her insights from 18 years of digital experience, covering stories of failure as well as the insights that have shaped her work practices today.

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