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push.conference unites creative coding and user experience design,
by offering a platform for designers, developers
and user experience professionals.

Hi! We're
Thomas Gläser
& Christian Perstl,
organisers and hosts of push.conference.

We created push.conference being Interaction and User Experience Designers ourselves at our studio envis precisely in Munich.

Two sides connected:
push.conference brings together designers and developers
of outstanding user interfaces with creative coders and designers of innovative technologies.

On Stage: Every year, we bring an exclusive set of speakers to Munich for two incredible conference days.

Hands-On knowledge exchange with leading experts on current issues.
All year long with push.workshops.

With push.conference, we want to bridge the gap between user experience design and interactive arts, because we firmly believe that both fields can learn a great deal from each other.

Join us to connect, learn and get inspired –
let's push things forward!